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Due to COVID-19, and the current shelter in place order for non-essential activities in Alameda County, our assistance program has been modified. Please submit the form below to request email, phone, or virtual assistance. In-person site assessments and trainings have been suspended until the shelter in place order has been lifted.

Need assistance? We can help set up or improve your organization’s recycling program or help educate your employees in order to comply with the Mandatory Recycling Ordinance. Our assistance team is also able to help multi-family property owners or managers to set up new food scraps/organics collection service. Please use this online form to ask questions or request a consultation. Consultations are available by phone, email or at your property.

You can also contact the Mandatory Recycling Information line at (510) 891-6575.

To inquire about or request recycling collection services available in your city, please see the Rules by City pages.

Ésta página de solicitud de asistencia también está disponible en español aquí.